Sourdough Bread – My First Loaf!

I recently was given some sourdough starter from my friend.  I’ve always wanted to bake my own sourdough bread, and she happened to be making some when the girls and I came for a visit one day.  

The next time I saw her, she brought me some of her lovely starter.  I fed it, and put it in the fridge.  

Exciting times! 

I was referred to this amazing post by The Clever Carrot, and used the provided recipe and instructions to make my own bread.  I read and re-read the instructions (which were well explained!) took the plunge, and got to baking!

To say it was delicious, was an understatement! My family loved it, I look forward to making some more soon! 

Both my girls love being in the kitchen. My youngest daughter enjoyed cutting the loaf for us. 

Local to London (or Komoka) Ontario, Canada and want some starter? Email me at: ~ I’d be happy to share some sourdough starter with you!  

Happy baking! 


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